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Facebook Ad Creation Guide for businesses in Dubai

With over 2.45 billion active, monthly users Facebook is a social media powerhouse. Whichever way you look at it, a large portion of your client base are on Facebook. For this very reason Facebook paid ad’s should not be ignored when it comes to planning your digital marketing strategy. With hundreds of different data points on each of its users the Facebook targeting methods are incredibly accurate. They can also be very highly converting and provide an excellent ROI – when done correctly of course! However if you do not have a solid strategy, plan and goal in place you can end up wasting a lot of time and more importantly, money! Here’s the process I follow when taking on new social media clients to ensure maximum ROI. You are welcome to use this guide for your own Facebook ad’s – I hope it helps!

1. Initial planning

What is your ideal customer (customer persona) ?

  • Age
  • What are they interested in?
  • How much do they make?
  • What are their behaviours?
  • Check Facebook targeting (in business manager) and write down everything else that fits your customer

2. Create Your Offer

  • What is the best promotion you’ve ever ran?
  • Come up with a couple different offers you think your potential customers would NEED to take advantage of
  • IDEAS: Free Ebook, 20 Second Test/ Quiz, Free Session, Giveaways, Free Webinar/ Training/ Video, Free eBook, Extreme Low Price/ Discount, Free Quote/ Calculator, See if You Qualify, Research on Google/ Groupon

3. Create Your Ad

Ad Copy

  • What makes your business different/better?
  • What are the biggest problems you solve for the customer?

Ad Creative

  • Do you already have some great images/ videos you can use?
  • What were some of your best ever posts?

4. Funnel

  • What Is something you can add on to your current offer (up-sell) on the thank-you page to get them to take action NOW? (call, book appointment, etc.)

5. Sale

  • How do you typically get new customers?
  • What percentage of these people actually become customers?
  • What is the Long Term Value (LTV) of a customer? 
  • Max you are willing to pay per lead/Sale?
  • Profit Potential

Once you have written information on each point above you are ready to get started with your paid ad strategy. As I mentioned earlier Facebook ad’s are super powerful and can provide your business an incredible stream of leads and revenue when you master them.

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