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5 Most Instagrammable Business in Dubai

The number of businesses using Instagram to reach their target audience has boomed considerably in the last couple of years, and it’s had an incredible effect on the way that consumers discover, connect with and ultimately buy from a brand. But why has this shift from traditional marketing taken place? And what makes a brand stand out enough in a scrolling sea of companies tucked away in the consumers pocket? Instagram’s simplicity is part of what draws users to it. Streamlined and minimalist, easily accessible and diverse – it’s the perfect place to be in the 21st century.  With 1 billion monthly active users, and 80% of these users following at least one brand, Instagram has become the perfect platform for businesses to showcase what they do in the most creative ways. And in Dubai, with its melting pot of curators and creatives, Instagram has become the ideal place for businesses to thrive.  We’ve picked out the 5 most instagrammable businesses in Dubai and hope to delve deeper into the reasons why they are thriving in one of the fastest moving cities on Earth.

Find Salt

If you’ve been in the UAE long enough, you’ll remember the time way back when, where the location of this pop-up burger joint was a complete secret – the coordinates known only to a few. This secretive marketing strategy definitely got people talking about, and eventually hunting for the illusive spot that Salt would rock up to next. Luckily for Salt, they have been able to pitch up at some of the city’s most Instagrammable spots, which has been instrumental to their social reach. From prime position right below the Burj Khalifa to a secured spot in Dubai Marina and now a permanent home right on kite beach. Toes in the sand and a burger in hand – why not?! Fast forward to today, and Salt’s Instagram account is stronger than ever. Fresh and fruity summer campaigns, new and exciting partnerships and the biggest feeling of community of any business in Dubai. ‘Salters’ are a family, and that’s how @findsalt has become what it is today.

Five Palm

Since its opening in March 2017, Five Palm Jumeirah has stormed Dubai’s Instagram scene and saturated our feeds with jealousy-inducing content. Their initial campaign was simple; share guest-created images showcasing the hotel and its facilities – and it worked! Team that with the hotels incredible insta-worthy pools and bars and it would be difficult not to have a successful feed. From opening day until now, various events taking place at this Palm Jumeirah hotel have helped increased its social presence; from brunches to pool parties and ladies’ days, more and more coverage has been created through guests’ Instagram stories and photo tags. Five are promoting a certain lifestyle, one that many of their followers strive to have, and more recently, the clever use of social media influencers at the hotel has caused a surge in Five Palms’ popularity both on socials and in real life bookings.

Dubai International Airport

Believe it or not, Dubai Airport is one of the most checked in-to businesses in the whole world, and this makes it one of Dubai’s most successful Instagram businesses. Earlier this year, DXB successfully re-branded to focus on more youthful, fun and interesting content. In the lead up to launch date, a daily series of intriguing videos were shared which increased anticipation and raised hype surrounding the new branding, and this led to a growth in interest and therefore followers of the @DXB brand. Dubai’s popularity as a holiday destination definitely contributes to DXB’s social following, but this Instagram business never rests on its laurels, and is always coming up with new ways to keep travellers interested.

Zero Gravity

“From Day, To Night” – this company’s slogan is living proof that punchy branding sticks, and ever since the installation of their uber-photogenic glass-fronted pool in 2016, Zero Gravity has been top of the list for most Instagrammable beach club in Dubai. Their marketing approach is perfectly simple – share images of guests ‘living their best life’ poolside and make the rest of us green with envy (well, until we rock up next weekend for their tropical brunch). With a massive focus on their main events, Instagram scrollers will see brunches through to sunsets through to world famous DJ’s filling the dance floor every single weekend. Followers can be sat on their sofa but feel like they’re front row at Sam Feldt or James Arthur with the immersive Instagram Stories that Zero Gravity posts, and it’s this exact style of social media marketing that separates the good from the bad (and the busy from the deserted).

Nusr’et (aka #SaltBae)

A global trailblazer that hit Dubai with sheer force – #SaltBae (real name Nusret Gökçe) landed in Dubai in early 2015, in all of his Instagram glory. The reason this Instagram business stands out so much, and works so well, is because it has the perfect blend of business focussed content alongside the personal story of Nusret Gökçe himself. Followers see all of the behind-the-scenes details from his many restaurants around the world, including Dubai, along with the celeb-schmoozing jet-setting lifestyle that this insta-famous head chef leads.

You’ll never see this page pushing products, only taking consumers on a visual journey. It’s proven that pushy sales methods on social media simply do not work, but this type of visual content gives a brand a unique opportunity – and people seem to love it! Overall, Instagram has the highest average standard engagement rate of all of the main social channels, beating both Facebook and Twitter. The brand engagement rate is even higher than that, which shows that audiences on Instagram are much more open to branded content than they are on other platforms. So, if you are looking to get a step ahead in your business, make sure that your Instagram content is second-to-none.

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